Challenges Challenges Challenges

Hebrews 12:1-3

Great faith chapter …chapter 11

Chapter divisions added later but the author did not break his thought…

Things that challenge us as we follow Christ

1… we are called to remember those who have come before us

Bible uses a field of play

You and I are in the playing field, and those before us are in the stands watching us.

And it helps us to remember who is there…

Centuries of great people in the Church who in their time advanced the faith.

Some of us have personal heroes…

Those people look on and ask ‘what are you doing with the gift that you have been given ?’

It is a gift bought from generations of those who have gone before us.

They are gone now… and we are here now.

It is up to us NOW!

Why? Because we are here and there is no one else!

The next generation will get what we gave them.

2… Throw off everything that keeps us from running our race…

Example: taking off the sweats to get ready to run… some things are fine, but they slow us down.

Some things that we think are important just do not matter very much… stuff, positions… esteeming earthly thugs lightly.

If they help us do things for the gospel they are good… if they distract us they are bad

He also talks about the sin category:::

We are all sinners… John says…

So we should remove things that make us ineffective for god

3… Let us run

Runners are sweating and breathing heavy … it does not look fun.

The point is that he are all called to do something with our lives, and this is our race.

God gives us different gifts… different cultures, but He has given us our race to run.

Make a sign that says: do your job!

The gospel goes forth by ordinary people that do what God says to do.

I cor 12 romans 12 … concept of the body of Christ

Remember that you have something to do.

We are here because god has called you to something great to do.

Run with persistence..

People are successful because they just keep going… not necessarily because of skill or talent.

Many people start well but do not finish…

Remember that the Christian life is not a sprint… it’s a marathon.

Remove from life what is holding you back

4… remember to focus

Fix your eyes on Jesus… the author and finisher of our faith…

Focus on the finish line… remember that you have to see it.

Let that become your focus.

People who get distracted from their focus dial to achieve their goal.

When you do not focus, your life begins to drift. So we cannot let it drift Randy!!

The good news is that we can always focus on the great goal of serving Christ.

It is a matter of adjustment!!

So in your walk with Jesus, do you know where you are going?

When we loose focus we loose the opportunity to achieve what god has for us.

5… Consider him who considered such oppression but did not grow weary.

We should reflect on what he was willing to do for us.

He for the joy that it brought him him to the cross. Hard to understand maybe?

It teaches us that while our life in Christ might be hard, there is always joy in the end.

Consider what we are doing with the life that we have.

Every family has challenges… let joy be the most outstanding characteristic…

We must be able to reflect on what god is telling us to do.

Some will do this… some will not… some will buckle under the pressure…

so it’s not certain… what will happen in the future generations.

We create the world that our kids will have later on… our ancestors created and gave this to us.

So Alaska survived the Russians and the Japanese and earthquakes…

I want my grandkids to inherit a world where they understand faith… their legacy I create!

The man in the arena speech… Teddy Roosevelt…

We should Dare Greatly and take Great risks in the cause that we are called to.

This is the call that every Christian has.

Dare greatly and let God do miracles with what we give to him.

Let’s experience the joy of knowing that we have run our race well.

The great Heros of the people are watching and asking… how will you play and how will you run?

And then there is the owners box… Jesus is looking and watching… what at you doing with the gift I gave you?

Are you running well? not an easy question… makes me uncomfortable… it bothers me because I want to do better…