Overcoming the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Dear Friends,

Many of you have reached out to us and asked how things are going in Beijing. What I think is amazing is that I believe that Challenges create Opportunities. It is important to know what we believe because what we believe determines if something is really possible or not possible. For example, if you believe that the challenges created by this outbreak are bringing you down and that there is nothing that you can do about it, then this is exactly what you will receive. But if you believe that this challenge can create opportunities in your life, then this is something that can happen as well.

So my suggestion is that we focus on the positive and that we focus on faith and we believe God through this challenging time while here in Beijing. My wife and son Jadon and I have spent so much time together throughout this outbreak. We have played games and enjoyed each other and gotten to know each other better because we are at home a lot at the moment. Life in a way has slowed way down with little travel outdoors and little places to go because shops have closed down and many restaurants are closed. It has been nice to spend time with my wife. this is something that I always cherish in my life and it has actually been a blessing for sure.

My takeaway on this outbreak is that when we are faced with a challenge, look for opportunities. I believe that if we believe that opportunities exist in the face of difficulties, we will be able to see those opportunities and consequently step into those opportunities.

Finally, thank you for praying for us. Also pray for the millions of people in China that we would all be healthy and safe in Beijing.


Randy Eplin

Energize International