Missions Conference in Beijing

What a great way to start this new year! Our Russian congregation held a missions conference on the 4th and 5th of January with some very special people in attendance. We invited a Nanai pastor and her husband as well as another Russian pastor to come and share their work with us. We then held a strategy session in order to brainstorm on how to connect with these people and help them in their work with their people. The Nanai are an unreached people group that originate in Russia and live on the border between China and Russia. The are 20,000 people in number and there are presently 50 adult believers who profess Jesus as their Lord. An unreached  people group is defined as a group with 2% or less as committed believers. Sign up for our newsletter to find out more about the conference. Send an email to energizeradio@gmail.com and you will be added to your newsletter distribution list.

Be Blessed,

Pastor Randy

To our partners in the Baltics

We love and very deeply miss our partners and friends in Estonia and Latvia. Estonia is also a place where Lori and I call home. When we travel to Estonia, it is as if we are coming home. We have deep spiritual roots in Estonia, and it is a place that we will always return to in our life and ministry. The information below is shared at the request of our friends and partners who desire to give toward our work. Please do not feel obligated or pressured to give.

If you would like to give, please transfer to the account below:

Randal Lloyd Eplin

Again, thank you for your giving. And remember, it is not that I desire a gift, but I desire fruit that may abound to your account. Our goal is and has always been to be good ground for you to sow your seed.

Love and miss you,
Randy and Lori

To our partners in the USA

Greetings to all of you. Over the past two years, we have experienced some major difficulties with the post office box that we have been using for nearly twenty years. Mail (including donor support) is returned to the sender stating that this post office box no longer exists or has been cancelled. After six trips to the post office and speaking with the manager of the post office over these last two years, I have decided to make a change as to where the supporters of our ministry can mail their support.

Our goal has been and continues to exhibit ‘excellence in everything that we do.’ So this has been a very frustrating season for our ministry. The new address to send your support is listed below. Please make note of this and send your financial support to the following address:

Energize International
Attn: Randal Eplin
3121 Henderson Circle West
Lakeland, FL 33803

We appreciate you and thank you for your support. If your support check has been returned, I  would like to invite you ‘back’ and to continue your support with us. As I have shared, this challenge mentioned above has been difficult to deal with, and we are committed to making things work smoothly.