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Energize Bible School

Energize Bible School

The Energize Bible School comes with a history having started in Estonia in September of 2004. The purpose of this Bible school is to help strengthen local churches by establishing Christians in the Word of God. The courses in the first year program are practical in that 90% of what is taught is applicable to the life of the student the moment he walks out of the classroom. The difference between our school and a Theological Seminary is that in a seminary education, 90% of what is studied is more theoretical. In our Bible school, you will immediately learn concepts and principles from God’s Word that you can apply to your everyday life. As you pray and ask yourself about what school you should choose to study, think about what you need most in your life and then pray and ask the Lord to lead you. There are a lot of good Bible schools to choose from. What is most important for you is that you choose the school that you are being led to by the Holy Spirit.

We have graduated over 200 students from seven different cities in Estonia. We have taken the Bible school to Aa, Johvi, Kohtla-Jarve, Turi, Parnu, Kuresaare, and Tallinn. We made the decision to create an online Bible school in the Fall of 2009. We are excited to announce to you that the Energize Online Bible School is available to you for study. God desires for us to become established in his Word and to become stable Christians in today’s world. Unbelievers deserve to see good examples of Christians today. In our society, there seems to be no difference between Christians and non-Christians. The divorce rate is the same percentage for both Christians and non-Christians, and Christians are struggling to live balanced healthy lives in Christ. Our school addresses issues right away that you can put into practice immediately to obtain results.

Finally, the founder of the Energize Online Bible School, Randy Eplin, travels around the world and teaches in Bible schools that are like minded in establishing people in the faith. He has taught in schools throughout Europe and in Rhema Bible Training Center Ukraine. We encourage you to pray and follow God’s leading as you strive to grow in Christ. It is a pleasure to serve you and help you grow as a Christian. In order to sign up for the Energize Online Bible School, click HERE. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.
In Christ,
Pastor Randy Eplin


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