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Energize International

Energize International exists to help you stay positive and succeed in life. Each day we confront negative circumstances as we strive to follow God’s plan for our lives. It is important to meditate and surround ourselves with the positive message of the Word of God. Even after hearing the anointed Word of God preached as we attend church faithfully, it is simply not enough. We must completely immerse ourselves in the positive preaching of Godly principles in order to overcome and succeed in life.

This is why you will enjoy positive preaching each time you visit You are invited to make our website one of your favorities and plan to visit the site daily. Wether you decide to listen to Energize radio or sign up for the daily devotional, you will be encouraged in your faith each time you visit us. We look forward to hearing how God touches your life through our ministry, and we appreciate you very much.

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