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Energize Your Life

Our goal at Energize International is to further assist you in becoming the mature and blessed and balanced Bible believing Christian that God has called you to be. We are in the process of developing and providing resources for you to help you grow in your everyday Christian life.

We are developing Energize Magazine, a resource designed to enrich your life through the printed page. In this magazine you will find interesting articles about how to live victoriously as well as articles that inspire you to live a solid and balanced Christian life.

Also available as a resource are downloadable MP3s of messages by pastor Randy. You can also sign up for the newest MP3s to be automatically sent to your email address. If you are interested in receiving our monthly newsletter, you may also sign up. We have many other ideas and as we grow, these newer ideas will come to fruition.

We look forward to serving you and assisting your growth as a believer. As a Christian, your goal is to mature into a believer who is able to handle responsibility in the body of Christ. We look forward to the additional resources that will continue to be added in order to Energize Your Life.


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