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Randy & Lori Eplin

In the Fall of 1999, myself, my wife and three of our four children moved to Tallinn, Estonia to begin our overseas work. Lindsay, Elise, and Grant were 12, 10, and 8 at that time, and they immediately began to adjust to life in Estonia. Because my family loves pets, we added a greyhound retired racer to the family, and we added two cats as well. And at the end of 2004, another son was born into the family, and his name is Jadon. Our oldest daughter is married and resides with her husband and two sons in Lakeland, Florida.

Presently, Lindsay is now living in Lakeland, Florida attending Polk State College. Although she misses living in Estonia and our International Chruch, she is making the adjustments necessary to live in American after having lived overseas for eight years. Elise is also studying at Polk State College and we are very proud of her. Grant is working full time and plans to continue to make his home in Estonia. Our children have 'grown up' in Estonia. They speak the Estonian language and although they miss people in the United States, they call Estonia their home. Our children have been instrumental in the pioneering of our ministry here in Tallinn.

The kids have sacrificed much in living in Estonia, but God has blessed them as well. Their experiences overseas are unique, and I believe that God will use those experiences for His glory! Praise the Lord.

We appreciate your prayers for our family.

Be Blessed,
Pastor Randy

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