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Posted by: Lehe Adminn - 24/02/13 @ 8:44AM

Forgiveness: What is it?

I continue to be a student of forgiveness and what it truly means to forgive. Our fleshly nature seems to try to keep the memory close to us when thinking of how people have disappointed and hurt us deeply in life. But we do not live very long before discovering that people disappoint us and hurt us as we live life. What adds to the intensity of this idea is the fact that we in turn disappoint and hurt others in the process, hence we most certainly find ourselves in need of forgiveness in our lives as well. No matter how hard I try, I find myself falling short of the goal of perfectly interacting with people. Even as I do my best, I find myself needing to ask others to forgive me for something that I forgot to do or that I omitted in my daily life.

Mark 11:25 has it right when it says, “And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.” The Bible shares that we should pray without ceasing meaning that we should be in a contant attitude of prayer. Mix these verses together and we should operate with an attitude for forgiveness in our daily lives. As we learn to pray with the goal of god hearing and answering our prayers, we must learn to forgive those that have hurt us or let us down.

Please share a moment when you needed to forgive someone and how you did it or share a time where you needed to be forgiven. It will bless those of us in the middle of needing to forgive others. Years ago I forgave someone of doing something that was quite a disappointment to me. Surprisingly enough, I was heavily criticized for this act of forgiveness. It is strange that when we actually do the Word of God and forgive others, there are people who will not understand and will want to hold on to something.

Jesus forgave us, so let’s live by his example and forgive others.

Pastor Randy

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