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Posted by: Randy Eplin - 10/05/16 @ 12:06PM

 When thinking about your life, think BIG. Do not think about small things but do your best to stretch and grow into everything that God has for you to become. We have but one life to live. Let's make sure that we life our lives to the fullest. A good friend once told that me he has never seen anyone waste so little time as me. My life is lived intentionally and i desire for it to count. Let's make sure that we live and stretch and grow into everything that jesus paid the price for us to become. 

Posted by: Lehe Adminn - 24/07/11 @ 6:37AM

From the "Energize your life" page its now possible to signup to receive newsletters, MP3s and daily devotionals to your email.

Emberlynn - 14/05/16 @ 5:41AM
My prbloem was a wall until I read this, then I smashed it.

Melvina - 14/05/16 @ 5:05AM
Action requires knwelodge, and now I can act!

Vhina - 23/02/13 @ 6:43AM
I just now wanted to thank you once again for your amniazg web site you have created here. It really is full of ideas for those who are actually interested in this particular subject, in particular this very post. You really are all absolutely sweet in addition to thoughtful of others and also reading your website posts is a wonderful delight with me. And exactly what a generous present! Mary and I will certainly have excitement making use of your guidelines in what we must do in the near future. Our checklist is a kilometer long and simply put tips is going to be put to beneficial use.

Pastor Wayne Friedt - 31/03/12 @ 5:39PM
EnergizeLife is GREAT! Thank you Randy for being such an inovating man of God. I am so blessed by your dedicated ministry.

Gabriel Rivera - 27/02/12 @ 3:15PM
I love the layout! I listened to some of the radio. I will definitely be listening more.

Raimo - 21/02/12 @ 3:19AM

I certainly like what you've done to the page! Will add my constructive criticism soon enough = )



raimo - 21/02/12 @ 3:18AM
Like what you've done to the page = ) God bless !
Will send you my constructive criticism soon enough!


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